Recent Before & After Photos

Leaky Washer Connection

The homeowner noticed every now and then there would be water leaking from the washer connection. After a couple of months of meaning to get to the problem she ... READ MORE

Broken Hose Bib on Exterior Wall

A broken hose bib on an exterior wall caused water to leak into a bedroom in this Houston home. Thankfully the homeowner shut off the water which stopped the le... READ MORE

How old is your water heater?

Unfortunately this homeowner learned a little too late that they needed to replace their water heater which was located in the attic above the master bedroom cl... READ MORE

Leaky pipe within the walls

This homeowner discovered water in her laundry room. It turns out it was a leaky pipe in the wall between the laundry room and hallway bath. Once again, SERVPRO... READ MORE

While you were out!

This homeowner was out of town for a few weeks and returned to find water coming out of his front door. The water supply line to the toilet in the master bathro... READ MORE

It was just a tiny leak!

Unable to sleep this homeowner decided to catch up on some reading. While reading she heard water dripping. After following the sound and taking a closer look; ... READ MORE

Oil Spill

After a routine oil change this homeowner noticed a large puddle of water on the garage floor. It could have left a large stain and caused a mess but a quick ph... READ MORE

Add in a bit of "elbow grease"

50 years of grease and grime in this machine shop was no challenge for SERVPRO! Using our Heavy Duty Degreaser and a bit of “elbow grease” the crew ... READ MORE

What's Hidden Behind Wallpaper?

Do you have a weekend do it yourself project planned? Are you expecting the unexpected? In preparation for painting and redecorating; this home owner was surpri... READ MORE

Storm water

This home in the Houston area was affected by a surplus of storm water that caved in dry wall around this shower area. As you can see in the before picture on t... READ MORE