Recent Before & After Photos

Water damage remediation to prevent mold growth

This home had recently been damaged by minor water leaks. Now even though this is such a small area that had been damaged, the risk of mold growing is still a m... READ MORE

Stain carpet cleaning

This home in the Houston area as seen in the picture on the left. The homeowner was ecstatic to know that not only are we a company that restores homes to a reb... READ MORE

Wood floor drying specialty equipment

These beautiful wood floors were saved thanks to our specialty drying mat system. Homeowner elated!

Saving Oriental Rugs

Customer was originally distraught over the certain loss of his oriental rugs but delighted three days later at the ability of SERVPRO to clean and save them. ... READ MORE

Graffiti Removal

This graffiti in Katy, Texas was really an eyesore for the business owner. Customer amazed that SERVPRO was able to remove the graffiti without having to costl... READ MORE

Yuk! then . . . Thank You!

Not only filthy but potentially dangerous. Call the professionals at SERVPRO at 281-463-9800. Homeowner wrote afterward, "Quick, Efficient Service"

Post Construction Clean

Heavy construction dust imbedded everywhere. Note the dust on the oven. Customer delighted with the outcome!

Vinyl Floor VCT

This vinyl floor was scrubbed with a rotary using emulsifiers and other cleaning agents to remove the ground in grease and grit. A shine at the end had it look... READ MORE

Stubborn stain removal

Careful removal of eyesore stain. Customer very pleased.