Recent Before & After Photos

Commercial hallway cleanup

This building in the Houston area was affected by water damage that affected both the immediate ceiling above the floor which in result affected the carpet belo... READ MORE

Baseboard mold

When disaster strikes, having a remediation company that responds twenty four seven to any emergency on any day is important to prevent mold growth. This home h... READ MORE

Small restroom mold

In this home in the Houston area, the bathroom area had suffered a water loss that had been sitting for an amount of time causing a small amount of mold to grow... READ MORE

Dry wall storm damage

This homes basement was affected by storm damage and caused some dry wall to crumble and collapse. This picture was a result of a storm event that required mult... READ MORE

Mold home damage

This home had been completely damaged by storm water and as a result of being left alone for consecutive days. The before picture shows one area of a home that ... READ MORE

Water storm damage

This home was damaged from heavy storm water that saturated the majority of the carpet all along the home. This was from an out of state storm emergency that mu... READ MORE

Water damage remediation

This home had recently been damaged by minor water leaks. Now even though this is such a small area that had been damaged, the risk of mold growing is still a m... READ MORE

Stain carpet cleaning

This home in the Houston area as seen in the picture on the left. The homeowner was ecstatic to know that not only are we a company that restores homes to a reb... READ MORE

Damaged wood flooring

This suite in a commercial building was affected by water damage that seeped through the wood floor. As you can see in the before picture, there is still standi... READ MORE

Water damage in home

This home in the Houston area had been affected by a water leak above the sheet rock and as seen in the before picture on the left, the water had been spreading... READ MORE